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Helpful information


​❈ My minimum is $250 ❈

I price based off of a $300/hr rate. However, a minimum price will be sent before the appointment, taking into consideration designing prior to appointment, subject matter, size, placement, stenciling, etc.


I will update the 'booking' page with an application to request an appointment.

Unfortunately, this does not guarantee an appointment once my books open.


If your appointment is accepted, the design will be discussed through email. An in person consultation is generally not necessary unless it is a larger concept.

I do not send designs before an appointment as I do a lot of freehand; small changes can be made at the appointment. 

When books open, I fully review each application individually;

please refrain from sending the tattoo idea until my books open. It will not be reviewed.

If your appointment is accepted, I will send more information such as

aftercare, how to prepare, location, etc.

I do not work weekends or late evenings.

My days/hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, no weekends


I DO NOT tattoo the following:

⊹ color ⊹

⊹  fingers, feet, behind the ear ⊹

⊹ butterflies ⊹

⊹ realistic moon phases ⊹

⊹ others' work, even with permission ⊹

⊹ cover ups/redos ⊹

*scar/stretch mark coverups are welcome*


Pieces that have priority (other ideas welcome!) :

⊹ florals/plants ⊹

⊹ larger floral pieces ⊹

​⊹ full or half arm/leg sleeve concepts ⊹

⊹ wildflowers/ferns ⊹

⊹ berries/fruits ⊹

⊹ mandalas/geometric ⊹

⊹ ornamentals ⊹

⊹ lettering/handwriting ⊹

⊹ swords/daggers/knives ⊹

⊹pottery(old vase) ⊹

❈ you must be 18+ ❈


Include all clients in one application​

$250 minimum per person


If looking to book the same day with another person (not matching),

please send separate requests and include the name of the other client 

and the request of the same day booking 


If you have any pre-existing skin conditions, such as eczema, you can be tattooed as long as the placement is not where you continually have flare ups.

However, please mention skin conditions/scars when booking as this will need to be considered while designing

If you have further questions, email

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